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Dungeons and Dragons: Warbands

by on Nov.15, 2012, under Portfolio

warbands_title_croppedDungeons and Dragons: Warbands is a mobile, social, turn-based squad tactics collectible miniatures game based on the tabletop Dungeons and Dragons: Warbands 4th edition rules. Players collect miniatures which they can assemble into squads and use to fight battles versus other squads. Players can fight versus AI opponents, or asynchronously against other players. Monetization revolves around collecting miniatures or purchasing consumable items for use during battles.

I worked on both the client-side front-end and server-side back-end. The front-end was created in Unity3D, using a mix of Unityscript and C#. The server backend used PHP, MySQL, and memcached and was structured similarly to the Heroes of Neverwinter backend. I came onto the project midstream to help overhaul the AI, which at the time was unsatisfyingly dumb. We improved the AI enough that we later had to tone it down for beginning players.

My major contribution to the project involved multiplayer functionality. The game was initially intended to be single-player only, and much of the code relied on that assumption. We embarked on an ambitious revision of the code that untangled that assumption, and streamlined and optimized the result. I adapted several systems, including the AI. I also wrote the server code necessary for multiple players, exposed the server-side API, and integrated that into the client.

The game was released for a soft-launch/beta in Canada on November 15, 2012 but has not yet seen a world-wide release.

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