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Symphony of Steel Prequel – Actual Play Report

by on Mar.25, 2006, under Blog

While I was home for the summer, I got to play with my old group again. The GM has been at it for years and years; I think he cut his teeth on Red Box D&D. He’s been our primary GM for several years, although since we’re in college we only get to play together during breaks. We’ve mostly played AD&D 2nd ed or D&D 3.x together. Our usual campaign is epic-level D&D. We started what was going to be a mini-campaign that’s a prequel to the usual one. The world is based on Shadowrun, which is why both D&D 3.5 and D20 Modern rules are being used. D20 Modern is more heavily represented, but several characters (including all PCs) were created using D&D rules.


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